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Russian Federation

– is, in fact, the recognition of the failure of the economic model of President and his administration? ED: I think the Western countries have gone too far in its quest for energy security by any means and the actual loss is another area of influence in post-Soviet space – an obvious confirmation of this. Corr.: So sharp change of sentiment in the eu summit, despite assurances from Mrs. Ashton, still motivated by cost? ED: If you do not mind, I remind you the words Gilmara Enke, a representative of E. on Ruhrgas ag in Ukraine, who recently stated that, despite the clear advantages of energy supply with the Ukrainian gas transport system, there are many factors that adversely affect the prospects of Ukraine as a transit country Russian gas in this market. Mr Encke then added that if miss the chance and time in this situation, it could lead to irreparable consequences. Of course, first of all, he had in mind the consequences for Europe itself.

In view of the uncertain prospects for the modernization of Ukrainian pipelines, and in the absence of a productive dialogue between the European Union, Ukraine and Russia and the eu over the last year actively engaged in seeking alternative sources power supply in accordance with its own directive on security of energy supplies. It is reasonable to assume that one of the factors mentioned by Mr Encke, was the political instability in Ukraine, broadest sense, including the volatility in the agreements on the transit of strategic resources. Corr.: Frustrated Europe gave the nod to the change of power since lost hope of achieving the status quo in any other way? ED: Actually, the eu is much more concerned about the diversification of energy sources than the election results, even in such strategically important neighboring countries like Ukraine. Mrs. Ashton Law. The eu, in this case, no mixes economics with politics, simply because there is no policy – is the economy and responding to economic problems.

Threats, such as those encountered freezing Europe last winter, can dramatically change the vector of inter-state relations. Corr.: Does Ukraine's new president a chance to restore transit to the same extent? ED: This is a very complex question. You can try to get closer to its previous level when there is sufficient political will, both from Ukraine and from the Russian Federation. This year alone, Ukraine in terms of flow lost from 25 to 28 billion cubic meters of gas, the unfulfilled from Russia compared with the previous years. Potentially still a possibility is not something that restore and even increase the volume of transit through the modernization of the pipeline system up to 200 billion cubic meters, but this scenario seems unlikely any realistic. Readiness bypass projects, and particularly the Nord Stream, can not even hope that it will work on collapsed. As you know, February 12, Nord Stream was granted permission last of the five needed to start laying a gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea. Construction work will begin in April. Ukraine are waiting for hard times and revenue budget, of course, must be substantially in favor of diversified sources not related to the country of transit functions.

Conservative Party David Cameron

More and more users rely on their thoughts online diaries. The whole world – a multimedia platform, and the people in it – bloggers. Or maybe both – to keep or not keep? That better reflects the meaning of Hamlet-like reflections depictions of their hopes and fears? Whatever it was, the mention of Shakespeare in a conversation about online diaries, it is only fitting, since a blog can rightly be called a monologue of 21 century – heartfelt, passionate, honest, entirely absorbed by another and no one in particular is not addressed. And I must say, nobody is not readable. If only some of them were written in the same beautiful language, like Hamlet's soliloquy But what to take with democratic Internet? Recently, the company Harris Interactive released a study showing that nearly a tenth of Internet users started a blog, and this figure suggests that keeping a diary – not just a teenage habit.

17 October charitable organizations such as the National Trust and English Heritage, called on all Britons to call to place an entry from a blog site, that there was a picture of them one day in the life of the country. Sometime blogs famous for the fact that people told them about his sex life, political opinions, or just about what they ate for lunch. Now increasingly on the agenda of the news. Who would have thought that the leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron, too, succumbs to the universal passion? Nevertheless, he keeps a diary, and places where video, where thinking about politics or cleans the kitchen and in the background are his children.

Tips for a Family Psychologist

Family problems do exist, probably ever since emerged as a concept – a family. All people are different and it is only natural that when people get close to each other any part of them simply are not compatible. Then there conflicts. This article describes one of those who comment on experienced psychologists. QUESTION: With his wife live in 6 years, have two children. On the first 2 years of life everything was going fine, I was earning good gifts to gifts, together rested.

Then the earnings went into decline. And with her hand felt cool, not understanding me. It does not work. All life is reduced to a 'work-house'. Even less money, she does not appreciate.

Her politics: "I also work from home '. She does not understand that home, you can work when there is something to work with – food, clothing, washing machine. She does not understand that now at the forefront of the financial stability of the family, which have two of the people to work. And it turns out that I was the one work and must earn a lot. A year ago I tired of his life 'a supply' of the family (on the principle of 'the way it should be'), I openly started mistress. I wanted to see – need I? It turns out that is not needed. The conflict was very serious. She began to speak to me only after I saw the empty racks of clothes (her clothes). And I openly told her the reason for my 'protest'. Currently on the part of strange things happen – that flash of love, then hit with remembering all the bad over the period of our lives.

Flowers As A Benchmark Of Your Authentication

Long-term trend of Russian politics and business is such that the top of detained people who have or have good taste, or they try to develop it, inviting experts on the case. More and more authoritative classrooms, business offices, restaurants, salons, which are visited not only very wealthy, but decent people, pay attention phytodesign, and especially compositions from cut flowers. Cut flowers give the room a special chic. This is, in principle, the best addition to the smell of power and money, to the author's furniture and nice pictures on the walls. If a person in a vase on your desktop or on the negotiating table is a bouquet of living colors, then immediately comes the idea that here go to work as a holiday. Hence, the long-playing business, the owners of the office or office related to his occupation seriously. After all, in terms of common sense to buy fresh flowers, and so more than the extra money to pay a designer florist for the compilation of songs, there is no reason.

Just as there is no practical sense to buy expensive clothes, cars Bentley or wine centennial extracts. It's all things not for the average consumer and, in general, not for the middle class. Flowers in a vase in the office floor manager – this is the domain of refined taste, the evidence differs from saving weight. Sometimes the flowers emphasize what is commonly called the refined modesty. This means that very skillfully spent exorbitant money, but to understand the high cost can only be a person of the same standard of living. So, sometimes you look at the serious uncle and know the color of a person that he is not simple.

And then out of on a double French cuff is a little peep skeleton tourbillon. And the suit will be sewn by hand Gianni campaign or Mario Pecora, and shoes from Artioli, and pictures on the walls and Cooper . It is immediately clear – our man! Trained eye is clear, bought flowers for the anniversary of a partner in the subway or in a decent dedicated cabin. Moreover, that the street traders – usually Migrant workers – have a high taste the most unexpected performances. And the more curly pink ribbons on celluloid box, the prettier. They will insist that in this form and presents them. This is because the discharge beads, colored ribbons, woven rings on the roof and pupae on the grill wedding limousine. Style – it is much more subtle than even the notorious East. One wrong line can spoil all the impression – as a dirty worn-out shoes under a tuxedo. Flowers, like nothing else, create a special atmosphere. They're very nature are intended to prolong life, and, indeed, express the tumult of this life. And, accordingly, will not only lives, but and to victory – from the flower forms a fruit. Flowers still divine fragrance. Lifeless, artificial plants do not provide warmth and charm. Conversely, when a visitor office or salon finally discerns that gorgeous bouquet of dead plastic, it is disappointed and lung irritation. That's human nature: we do not like plaster casts of fruit, stuffed animals, famous paintings. People tend to be for sure, especially those held. and nothing authentic nature of a flower is not created.

Eugene Maryinskiy

– What should know the tenants of premises? – In the process service commercial real estate is important definition of the responsibilities of tenants. Not wanting to insure their responsibility, tenants have to remember that when the insured event to fault of their own company, having paid the insurance building owner is entitled to a court to require a perpetrator for damages. Professional landlord necessarily introduces into the lease item on insurance. For example, this may be the responsibility of the tenant to insure not only their property but also improvements within the office, third party liability and responsibility to the owner of the building. Owner buildings may specify in the contract minimum amount of risk coverage in terms of money.

Typically, this involves the owner in the lease under the wording of “Operating Expenses>>. This (in addition to fees for use of premises) fee for the upkeep of buildings, whose size is established in fact. That these costs and include the cost of insurance that pays the owner. Such is the international practice. The business centers class A>> Insurance property and liability tenant is a common practice. Non-conclusion of insurance contracts is often the reason for termination of the lease by the landlord. – What is the deductible and what benefits it provides for insurance of the property? – Franchise – a little damage, which covers the client. If a contract this term is present, then the will receive no compensation at all cases, but only in those where the damage will be higher than a certain amount. This is called a conditional franchise. Such a measure is introduced in order to avoid the paperwork in the case of small damages. Deductible – the amount or percentage to be deducted from the amount of insurance compensation, taking into account the fact that some of the damage remains the responsibility of the insurance company. Payment in this case is made only if the loss exceeds the size of the franchise. Any franchise makes insurance cheaper.

– What should I look for when choosing an insurance company and the contract? – It is better to choose a major insurance company with good reputation. Having studied the characteristics of each customer, a good company will offer all the features of insurance not only of the premises, but also in its territory of equipment, and even utilities. In this case, the contract will be flexible, economical, professional calculate what sites should insure and which does not necessarily insure. And yet, a large insurance company has a large and significant financial resources. should carefully read to the end contract before signing it, because when the insured event payment is possible only if the case is registered in the contract (ie, recognized by insurance), and only when the proper operation insured property. Insurance compensation is not paid if the property damage caused by war, terrorism or malicious intent of the insured. Natural causes deterioration of the building (corrosion, rot, etc.) also not considered as a reason for the payment of insurance. With Eugene Maryinskiy interviewed Marina ANFILATOVA.

Eventually You Will Find the Right Work

If the responsibility for transport would be the employer – the owner of a taxi, he would try to reduce the probability of such incidents to a minimum. And then the drivers with little experience of driving a passenger will not be admitted, must be organized and predreysovy poslereysovy physical, appropriate selection and admission will be vehicles to transport passengers. The employment contract also guarantees workers’ rights in the sphere of social insurance, pensions, employment rights. In addition, only if the employment contract will be valid waybill issued by the driver of the vehicle after passing them predreysovogo physical examination and an inspection of the vehicle control mechanic. Is not an obstacle for a taxi driver and a permanent place of work.

Labor legislation provides employment opportunities part-time employee. In this case, an employment agreement is again required. In this case, the employee himself can decide what work he will be the main (there will be work-book), and which – more. The main thing is to make it legal. What check today, a taxi driver on the streets and car parks of the city? The presence of a taximeter in the car? The right business? Confirmation of tax payment? Encashment proceeds of transportation? Licensed to work in Eventually? None. Do the drivers of cars with disparate identification signs “taxi” and advertising dispatchers only check the presence of a licensed card. Do not focuses on the documentary confirmation of the specific vehicle and its driver’s license listed in the card company-licensee.

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