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Secretary Henry Paulson

That, given the economic situation being experienced by China, yesterday met the country's leaders who traced the outlines of economic policy for next year. The information emerged about reproduced by Reuters, reads as follows: The general requirements for economic work next year are to maintain a stable but rapid economic growth through the promotion of demand domestic. The drop in export volume to the Chinese authorities concerned have agreed on the need to take action to recover exports. Potential actions to be taken, may bring an implicit threat to the tradable sectors of the countries most vulnerable to a potential invasion of Chinese products, because these measures may seek to improve the competitiveness of Chinese products that would fall to compete in markets those who do not have a significant presence. The threat of an invasion of Chinese products product of government action to support their exports is exacerbated by the Chinese government's decision on the value of the exchange rate, which they consider to be kept stable (despite pressures for appreciation suffering). These measures would take the Chinese government to support external demand affected by the impact of the crisis, along with the reduction in Chinese imports, undermine the rest of the economies whose companies are to be reduced and that the Chinese market is can reduce its local market following the entry into play of Chinese products. It is clear that the efforts of U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, to ensure that the Chinese government to appreciate its currency, have failed to avail.

a But not only China with its economic policies affect other countries. Several governments have taken action in these times of crisis is clearly affecting other economies as was the case of deposit insurance as determined by Ireland in Europe that can not be shuffled. You can also find cases in Latin America, as was Argentina's decision to limit grain exports to Brazil to preserve domestic prices under control given the context of rising international prices. Seeing the negative consequences of the various measures taken by countries on the rest, I attach great importance to the coordination of macroeconomic policies among countries. So far, efforts in this regard appear to be insufficient and this at the end of the crisis is reflected in a higher cost of it. Latinforme. com is the main source of financial information and independent opinion on American and global markets from a Latin American perspective. From our offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I approached the latest news and alerts to help you make gains regardless of the direction taken by the market.

Someday the Liberation Will Come

Yesterday I witnessed one of the most reprehensible of today. I always watched this on television news, but this time, I experience it as they say “live and direct.” With the musical group (to which I belong), we headed to a contract (commitment, performance), the constitutional province of Callao. The driver will fly through the district of Brena to reach our destination, (it is noteworthy that we were starting the district of Jesus Maria). Almost Avenue crossing Venezuela, we crossed a mob of gangsters, barrister, “as they like to call” their way to a football game at Callao. On their way they were destroying everything, everything that could arrangeable passers, throwing stones, and more acts of vandalism. Then we had to turn back along with other vehicles, to take another road. The shock was tremendous, and we were all musical instruments in the taxi.

At the end we arrived at our destination unharmed. After this event I play live, I get the following questions: Is it fair that some football matches, it was disturbing public order, What power is this, that the government can not act? Do I need this type of entertainment in our country? Peruvian football for some time, it represents nothing. When they reach the playoffs for the Co pa Libertarianism, do not pass the first stage. In the world, needless to say, many years ago that we will not. Whenever there is news of Peruvian football, is unpleasant Matters. In fact only serves to acts of vandalism (in our case). Why is not this pseudo definitely suspended national football championship? As I asked before What power is this? In particular I think the stadiums should become athletic fields only, and when in the case of some young talents in football, he was sent abroad to make his career, like science, music and art. I also think I should go back conscription, although I always thought that military life is not character and values in people, but in this case to stop the vandalism, it would be necessary to be an extreme case. Someday, it will come to understand that public order is above any minority power.

What is Modern?

And always, furthermore, to calculate and get what alliances and what does not suit them: amoral reasoning and our politicians would have enough! Governments may be non-denominational people, may be that public schools be abolished in religion class, may be that the symbols of our Catholic faith are better in our churches, we might be offending in this way the atheists … But really this is political liberalism Well, as long as communities allow individuals to practice religious beliefs in their lovers.

For so, men and women who make up the modern society we will never be isolated individuals “always looking at our pockets, to see how much money we have in them ” but how these communities of fact and of law also, and stress in communities that have and have a common moral code “their own religions other than those outsider ” to provide them with the belief in one God. And I speak and think of God: a the God of all religionesa . Because we found that a liberal society has no capacity to be self-sufficient. It is good and commendable practice any religion, because they certainly make us control our basest instincts. That is, to temper our neuro-cerebral disorders. (a OESI want to go to heaven you have to climb down, until the suffering and give the poor the mano.a Anonymous.) But one wonders what did the government of the day (“filling their pockets with euros, dollars …?), maybe yes, maybe no.

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