10 Tips For Just Married Normal Man And Woman

1 Avoid useless discussions what was first the chicken or the egg? Who is smarter men or women? The answers to these questions are examples of useless discussions that do not lead to nothing more than the rancor, resentment, for wanting to be right in everything, or intellectually believing superior over others. 2 Avoid being trapped by depression, apathy, disinterest, melancholy, sadness, anguish, anxiety, laziness, are part of a disease called depression, which is currently affecting millions of human beings around the world. To avoid it the antidote is the activity, to keep the mind occupied and not allowed to think negatively or fabricate feelings of bitterness and loneliness. If allowed to the brain the entry of such negative thoughts, low self-esteem. The enthusiasm, joy, the dynamism, the physical and mental exercise and in general the positive activity, they lifted the mood, self-esteem and do not allow to be caught by the depression.

3. Avoid the Neurosis the rancor, resentment, hatred, neurosis, hysteria, are part of the Ira. Neurosis by itself is a disease with many human beings worldwide. In a few seconds of unbridled anger the individual has been able to become a murderer. Sincerity is not in words, but in gestures, know the meaning of own and external signals, the body poses or faces, is completely dominate the hidden feelings of others, and learn how to exploit their own. Learn to live together, to understand, to relate openly without distrust, to withstand adverse judgments are some requirements to improve our relationship with the rest of the people. To accomplish this, I recommend the following practical exercises.

It takes the stance mental improve your ability to cope with problems, taking you the time needed without time limits or boundaries. Get a balance of needs, feelings and rights which require you to others. Keep a pure communication. You do not blame others or criticize.

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